Tie Dye Your Wardrobe! – Knowing the basics

With the summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your DIY skills out and learn how to create one of the most traditional and awesome summer/festival trends – Tie Dye!


To start with, you’re going to need to choose an old t-shirt or dress (maybe that one which sits at the bottom of the draw which you tell yourself you WILL get around to wearing it someday) – you know the one.

Now all you’ve got to do is to follow these simple steps, and you can take that winter wardrobe and transform it into a bright one, ready for the Summer!

You can either buy ta tie dye kit at your local craft store – which include gloves, rubber bands, dyes, and all of those other bits and bobs.

Or, if you’re like me and prefer to just use whatever I can find around the house – here’s what you will need:

yiu wull nee.jpg

Dye: Either powdered dye, or Dylon fabric hand dye is ideal  Get it here

Plastic squeezy bottles: For artistic control

Rubber bands: To create those unique swirls and patterns

Rubber gloves: Otherwise you’ll end up being tie dyed!

Plastic bucket / bowl: Let’s save those surfaces!

Plastic bags


Bin Liners


Step 1: 


Before you start, soak your clothes in water, and squeeze dry.


Step 2:


Mix up your dye – don’t be afraid to get creative! Just follow the instructions on the packaging to work out the dye – water ratio.


Step 3:


Get twisting!  Just remember – wherever there is an elastic band, the dye will not take so these will be your clean lines.


Step 4:


It’s dying time!  Put on your rubber gloves and get creative pouring, splashing and mixing those colours.

HINT: Try to follow a theme, use only two or three colours on each item – remember, the colours will merge into each other.

Step 5:


Once you’re satisfied with your colour explosions, leave your clothes to soak overnight. I would recommend leaving them wrapped in separate plastic bags to allow the dye to fully take.


Step 6:


The big reveal!  Here is the fun part – time to see how your creations have turned out!

Unwrap your clothes from their plastic bags and rinse in cold water to remove the excess dye, before cutting off the rubber bands and unfolding them to reveal the magic.



  • To ensure not to tie dye your entire wardrobe, do not mix your freshly tie dyed items with your other clothing in the same wash.
  • Wash on a cold wash for the first time, and tumble dry straight after.
  • Be prepared for the dye to bleed slightly into the white areas

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