My Interview With Olly Bridge – Kitesurf Legend

I recently interviewed a watersports buddy of mine from back home – Olly Bridge.

Now there’s a few things you should know about Olly before I begin!


1. He’s awesome! – Olly is a:

3x Men’s European Champion
3x under 21’s World Champion
2x Under 18 World Champion
olly 1
Image – Hydrofoil Pro Tour
2. He’s sponsored by:
Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 20.33.03Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 20.32.47Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 20.33.18


3. He’s from a family of pro kitesurfers!  Check out – Team Bridge!

team bridge.jpg


His Mum – Steph Bridge is “4 x kite Race World Champion”



His younger brother Guy “is British Kite foiling National Champion 2015 and vice PKRA, European junior freestyle champion”

guy bridge

Image Credit – Lloyd Images


His youngest brother Tom is:
European freestyle Youth Champion since 2010,
PKRA Youth World Champion 2013 & 2014,
Virgin Kitesurf Junior world Champion 2015



His Dad – Eric: founder of the BKSA Instructor Training Scheme, and runs Edge Watersports. with Steph.



4. He gets to travel all of the time!

“>Boat Trip in the Grenadines – 2017


How long have you been kitesurfing?

I have been kitesurfing since 2005 so that’s 12 years now.


What has it been like growing up into a family of champions?

It’s great! I sailed competitively from a young age, and then I switched to kitesurfing when my parents started Edge. There is lots of competition between us – me and Tom are always pushing each other to go bigger and better and to go for harder tricks.

Ollie and mum, Steph


How is it to have so many travel opportunities?

It’s amazing. Kitesurfing has allowed me to go to some of the best beaches for surfing and kitesurfing in the world. I have the opportunities to go to most of the events all over the word. For example in 2015 and 2016, I spent the winter months training in Perth Australia, then had my first event in Mexico, the Hydrofoil World Championships in China, World Sailing Cup in Melbourne, and the European Championship in Sardinia.


2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Final
Credit Jesus Renedo / Sailing Energy /ISAF

Do you alter your diet before a comp?

I don’t really alter my diet much. I still live at home and my mum is really into her heathy eating which is great. When I’m at competitions I tend to eat a lot more carbohydrates because I am using so much energy on the water.

Would you consider it a job or a hobby?

 I definitely consider it to be a hobby. The moment it becomes a job, it would feel like you’re having to go to work, and work is not fun. Even after kitesurfing for 12 years I still get excited for my next session on the water.


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